Rocket Waste

Metal Recycling


Rocket Waste buys all grades of scrap aluminum and directly supplies mills and consumers worldwide to obtain the highest market value for your material.

Using our analytical equipment and material controls, we can segregate and upgrade your scrap aluminum to obtain the best market and recycling fit.

Stainless Steel & High-Temp

Rocket Waste is one of the leading stainless steel and specialty alloy scrap processors in the southeastern United States.

Each load we receive is analyzed using sophisticated equipment to obtain an accurate assay of the material and maximize its value in the market.

Copper & Brass

Rocket Waste buys and sells all grades of scrap copper and brass. Our analytical equipment and material controls help segregate incoming materials for mill consumption.

We also provide inventory controls for customer return programs to brass and copper mills.

Iron & Steel

Rocket Waste specializes in serving large manufacturers and industrial companies with integrated programs for capturing, processing, documenting and marketing their ferrous scrap.

All materials are processed onsite to meet the requirements of steel mills, foundries and international markets.